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Transforming Farms and Lives through Technology

Shalak recognizes the potential of modern agricultural inputs, such as high-quality seeds, fertilizers, and agro-chemicals, to drive significant improvements in farm productivity and efficiency.

Beyond the farm gate, Shalak’s interventions have a profound impact on the lives of farmers and their families. By increasing agricultural productivity and income generation opportunities, Shalak contributes to poverty reduction, food security, and rural development. Through sustainable farming practices and responsible use of agro-inputs, Shalak promotes environmental stewardship and ensures the long-term well-being of farming communities.


What We Do

Shalak recognizes the pivotal role of technology in driving agricultural transformation. From precision farming techniques to digital agronomy tools, Shalak harnesses the power of innovation to address the challenges faced by farmers and unlock the full potential of agricultural production.

Our Services

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Shalak Uganda Ltd specializes in oriculture, which involves implementing modern agricultural methods aimed at minimizing production costs while maximizing yields. By leveraging new technological approaches, Shalak assists farmers in adopting innovative techniques such as precision agriculture, hydroponics, and vertical farming.
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As a leading supplier of agro-inputs, Shalak offers a diverse range of agro-chemicals essential for plant growth and safety in agriculture. Their product portfolio includes fertilizers, plant protection chemicals (pesticides), and plant growth regulators. Shalak collaborates with reputable AgroSciences multinationals to deliver high-quality chemicals that promote healthy plant development, increase resistance to pests and diseases, and optimize crop yields.
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Shalak provides a comprehensive selection of mineral and organic fertilizers designed to enhance soil fertility and optimize crop yields. Their range of fertilizers includes both traditional and specialized formulations tailored to the specific nutrient requirements of different crops and soil types. By supplying premium quality fertilizers, Shalak helps farmers improve soil structure, increase nutrient availability, and promote healthy plant growth.
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